Saturday, June 14, 2008

On The Trail

Behind our house we have a trail. It was a railroad track that has been paved especially for walking or other types of exercise. Three boys decided to bike and one was on a scooter. Gus and I walked.

There goes Lucas.
Gus is using the scooter so he can keep up with Sam on his bike.
It was right after dinner and you could see the moon.


sis said...

what a great idea....and a fun way to spend the afternoon :)

Robin said...

We have a similar path converted from an old railroad as well. Unfortunately, I don't own a bike (gasp -- the horror!) I like the idea of a family ride together though.

Robin said...

Okay, you've been incognito for long enough. I've tagged you on my blog for a 'task'. Come see what you have to do!